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www.tellgardenfresh.com :- If you are a frequent visitor of a garden-fresh restaurant, then I have good headlines for you. You can win $15 to save bucks on your next visit to the Gardens fresh.

You just have to go through one simple and straightforward process to get the prize, and that is a garden-fresh feedback survey. Yes, a survey.



The company craves your honest feedback about your latest visit experience in the Souplantation and sweet tomatoes. A purpose for knowing your feedbacks is to improve the product quality of a service if you didn’t satisfy with them, so the company chooses to conduct a survey for giving you a better and pleasant experience on your next visit.

NameSouplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
PrizeSouplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Coupons

Whatever you have encountered in a restaurant, share them on the survey’ form and be a loyal customer because your feedback might help many other customers who have been facing the same problem as you. So it is and very good opportunity to grasp and tell the company about their flaws so that they can improve and provide you better service products next time.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to participate in the survey because here you will get all the essential details that will guide you related garden-fresh survey.

So, read this article thoroughly to avoid mistakes while taking the survey. I will try my best to explain you shortly and simply.


About the company

Sweet tomatoes function as Souplantation across the southern part of California. Souplantation is an American-based company known for its buffet-style restaurants. San Diego, California is the location where the company headquartered is settled, and also the first shop was inaugurated there in 1978. Later, in 1983 the firm was consolidated as a garden-fresh corporation. After been public till 1995, the company went private in 2004.

The company is powered by a garden-fresh restaurant. Recently due to the unpredictable situation of covid, garden-fresh has closed its 96 locations.


Souplantation initiative was first introduced in 1978 on Mission George road in San Diego by opening its first restaurant. A bartender named Dennis jay had determined to open the restaurant meanwhile Denise’s friends, John Turnbull and Scott King were also initiating their first soup and salad restaurant. Denis was influenced by the John and Scott plan and took it to the Springfield restaurant manager and Rin Demery. And then, 3 of them, Denis, Steve, and Ron made up their mind to create a parallel concept of Souplantation.

After battling in the money-making competitive environment, these two restaurants were purchased by a garden-fresh restaurant in 1983 by Michael Mack.

American Southwest and the American west were the company’s targets for the expansion and they succeeded later. Company then also opened locations in several southeast states including 23 restaurants in Florida. All of the restaurants were company-owned.


Rules and regulations

  • The proof of purchase or say purchase receipt of Nicholasan’s is much needed to take part in this survey www.tellgardenfresh.com.
  • Any electronic device such as your smartphone or your tablet, computer laptop would be required. Please check the internet connection before your start the survey hence you won’t be interrupted by the network issue.
  • Only one entry will be valid per one receipt.
  • A very essential rule is that you should be legal residents of any 50 states of America in order to take part in participating in Souplantation and sweet tomatoes survey.
  • Your age must be minimum of 18 years old while participating in the Survey.
  • The voucher you would get, If you lucky enough is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-tradable as well. Please keep this in mind.
  • You have to redeem the voucher within the sweepstakes period. Don’t miss to redeem the voucher otherwise, it will expire.
  • The company’s employees, staff members, associates, or partner companies are restricted to take part in this survey.
  • The survey is designed in the English language so you should know the fundamentals of the English language.
  • How to complete this Survey www.tellgardenfresh.com.


You can open the survey form by visiting this site, www.tellgardenfresh.com

  1. Now you will be asked to select the language that you comfortable taking the survey so choose the correct language and proceed further.
  2. Now, enter the date, time, and the survey code, you can find this information on the purchase receipt.
  3. Now, take your cursor on the NEXT button and press it.
  4. Now, you can see that survey has been started.
  5. Now, first, a questionnaire part will have appeared, you have to give your response honestly.
  6. Questions will be simple and sober, it would be related to garden-fresh goods and services, quality of products, timings, locations, cleanliness, staff’s helping nature, admin management, etc.
  7. In the next step, you will find a feedback box where you can write your opinion, suggestions, complaints as well.
  8. After you submit the survey form, you will get a validation code.
  9. Note down the code on your receipt and redeem it in the given time period to get an offer.

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I hope that you would have found my post valuable. The survey is pretty easy to participate in, you can finish it in a few minutes. Share your honest feedback and get the reward, this is as simple as that. Being a customer, you should support the company by sharing your views on the products you bought at their place because it will give confidence to a company that they are doing a good job and satisfying their customers with the most excellent products and services.

Even if you have any complaints and criticisms, you may share them that as well to remind the company that it’s time for improvement and updating.

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